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Employee Spotlight - Chris Harper: 2019 Argentum 40 Under 40 Leader Winner


The Arbor Company is thrilled to announce that our own Chris Harper has been awarded Argentum’s prestigious 40 Under 40 recognition. Chris is a zealous innovator in the field of senior living, and we’re so lucky to have him. As Arbor’s digital marketing and brand leader for more than five years, Chris has spearheaded innovative strategies that reflect our unique, forward-looking approach to senior living. Dispelling stereotypes about seniors, senior living, and aging is not easy. Chris has managed to do it in just a few years, presenting Arbor as the vibrant community it is and showing seniors that retirement can be whatever they make it.

Chris Harper: A Senior Living Innovator

Chris Harper is widely recognized as a leader in digital marketing. Chris’s work and his passion, however, extend well beyond mere marketing. Chris believes that technology can support residents and staff. In a field not known for innovation, Chris is leading the charge on technologies that truly change lives.

Seniors seeking senior living solutions are often overwhelmed by the options. They don’t know where to begin, what questions to ask, or how to differentiate one community from another. Chris’s innovative strategies have made the sales and marketing process easier and more educational for consumers and their families.

Over the last five years, Chris has overseen management of The Arbor Company’s 12 different brands. He launched an inbound marketing program that produced an incredible 711 percent ROI in just 30 months. The programs he manages ensure that all marketing materials convey a uniform message that helps seniors on the journey to senior living.

Leaders outside of the senior living world have taken notice, too. In 2018, Chris won an Impact Award for Inbound Growth from Hubspot. Over the past two years, he has won six separate MarCom awards for brochure design, print design, and digital marketing content.

Seniors interested in senior living have a wide range of needs. Some struggle with dementia and other cognitive impairments. Others are anxious about leaving their homes, skeptical of feel-good community ads, or struggling with mental health issues. Marketing material targeting this group must address these needs. It must answer a wide range of questions while still being digestible for overwhelmed families and stressed seniors. Chris has performed a true public service by building marketing materials that meet families and seniors where they are and show them how senior living can address their concerns.

Arbor: Proudly Serving Seniors With an Exceptional Team

Arbor believes in hiring innovative and creative thinkers like Chris. Over the past 30 years, we have changed the culture of senior living. We believe in offering seniors thriving, diverse communities where they can lead retirements of joy and purpose—no matter what physical or cognitive limitations they face. We see seniors as valuable, competent, unique individuals—not people to talk down to or “manage.”

That belief shines through in our marketing material. It also colors everything we do. At Arbor, senior living is just another chapter of a joyful life. Convincing seniors of this can be difficult, though, especially when they fear being “put away” or only have experience with the nursing homes of a bygone era. Chris helps us allay seniors’ fears and educate them about the wide range of exceptional options available.

Everyone at Arbor is committed to providing exceptional senior care. From the front-line staff to executives and department leaders, we all know that incredible senior care begins and ends with people. We’re proud of our people, and proud of Chris. He has done a lot over the past few years, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for him and for Arbor.

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