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Beyond the Pay: Benefits of Working in Senior Care


Everyone needs to earn a living. Senior living offers great opportunities for pay increases and career growth, thanks in part to an aging population and an increased desire to provide seniors with exceptional retirements. 

A shortage of qualified senior care providers is growing, which means that senior care staff can expect to face higher demand in the years ahead. Work in senior living, however, is about much more than pay or climbing the corporate ladder. This work is a deeply felt calling, with the power to transform both the lives of senior care workers and the seniors they serve. 

The Benefits of Working With Seniors 

Seniors are not a monolith. Like any other age group, they have a wide variety of interests, personalities, needs, and hobbies. This means you're sure to find a few seniors you connect with—and even more importantly, you might be just the person a senior has been looking to befriend. Some of the many benefits of befriending and supporting seniors include: 

  • Giving a person a second shot at life. Some seniors enter senior care feeling depressed or demoralized. You can help them shape a path to a better life and a meaningful second (or third) act. 
  • The wisdom of lived experience. Seniors have seen a lot, and have learned from many mistakes and triumphs. Spend some time talking to them and benefit from their decades of hard-won wisdom. 
  • Gaining a new perspective on aging. Stereotypes about seniors and aging are still highly prevalent. Spending time with seniors can help dispel these myths, and may alleviate some of your own fears about growing older. 
  • A chance to put your unique skills to use. No matter what you enjoy doing, there’s a place for it in senior living. Start a crochet group or book club. Partner with a senior on a creative writing class. Spend time nurturing plants in the garden—or helping a senior tend to their own indoor flora. 
  • Plenty of chances to solve problems and improve people’s lives. Growing old presents many challenges. Committed senior care workers can develop creative solutions that improve the lives of seniors and those who love them. 
  • The ability to be appreciated for who you are. No matter your personality or values, you can find a senior who appreciates you for who you are. Many senior living workers nurture lasting, meaningful relationships with the seniors for whom they care. So be your silly self, or talk openly about your creative pursuits. You might develop an intergenerational friendship that deeply enriches your life. 

Job Security

Senior care jobs aren’t going anywhere. Today’s seniors demand lives of deeper connection, greater meaning, and higher purpose. As baby boomers grow older, we will see a boom in the demand for quality senior care. That leaves plenty of opportunities open, and means senior care communities will compete for the best workers by offering competitive pay, excellent benefits, and plenty of opportunity for growth. 

Jobs across the senior living industry are witnessing incredible growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) will see an 11 percent increase in job growth between 2016 and 2026.

What to Expect

No matter what role you fill, senior care jobs are all about a daily commitment to improving the lives of senior residents. You’ll spend much of your day directly interacting with seniors, working to understand, anticipate, and address their needs. You may also support families navigating the transition to senior living. As part of your work, you’ll develop and sharpen numerous skills, including: 

  • Listening to and understanding others. 
  • Navigating conflicts. 
  • Developing creative solutions. 
  • Leadership. 
  • Supporting people who are in the process of making end-of-life decisions. 

The Arbor Company prides itself on offering exceptional senior care for seniors at every stage of retirement. We show seniors the joy of retirement no matter what limitations they face. We work with committed, creative, empathetic people to build lasting careers that improve people’s lives. If that sounds like you, we’d love to help you begin building the career of your dreams.