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How to Search for Senior Care Positions While Employed


You’re ready to make the move to a new senior living community that provides a shorter commute, better hours, or your dream job. No matter why you’re choosing to explore other senior care positions, it can be tricky to search for new opportunities while still working at your current community. After all, the senior living industry is quite small; news that you are searching for a new job can get around quickly, which can be a positive for your job search but a negative for your current role.

Here are a few ways you can find new senior care positions while still being an invested employee at your current community.

Don’t Search While on the Clock

As you begin to update your resume and LinkedIn profile, be sure you are not doing it while at work. Keep your job search separate from your current duties. This practice will ensure that there are no conflicts of interest and that you stay devoted to your current residents and tasks while on the clock at work.

Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Schedule time in your week during your nonwork hours to brush up your resume and update your LinkedIn profile. Searching for a new job can sometimes feel like a job itself, so be sure that you are scheduling time devoted to this task. When your LinkedIn profile and resume are updated, use your time to research and apply to interesting jobs near you. Remember, you won’t necessarily get an interview for every job you apply for. Stay positive and relentless as you scour the internet and job boards.

Stay Quiet on Social Media

If you are friends with or connected to coworkers on social media, ensure that your feed is not giving too many hints about your job search. It can decrease morale among your own current team as well as the peers you work with if they know you have one foot out the door. Keep vague hints or blatant updates off social media until your letter of resignation has been officially tendered.

Don’t Check Out

When you’re searching for new senior care positions, it is tempting to daydream about your new community. You can quickly begin to only see the worst in your current role, and it is tempting to check out. However, your search can take longer than expected and you do owe it to your current residents to give them your best while you still work there.

Schedule Interviews During Time off When Possible

Resist the urge to take a phone interview during work hours, and instead schedule them during your unpaid lunch breaks or after hours. You can always take a call from your parked car immediately after work, or you can take a few hours off to participate in an in-person interview in the morning.

Be up Front with Potential Employers

It’s OK to tell a potential employer that you don’t want your current senior living community to hear about your job search unless it is from you. Potential employers will understand and can respect this decision by choosing to reach out to references not currently employed at your place of work. 

Be Respectful of Your Current Community

Finally, as you secure your new position, be sure that you are respectful to your current community. Tender your resignation letter and give appropriate notice. For leadership positions, best practice is giving four weeks’ notice in order for the community to hire a new employee for your position.

Know Your Options

Finally, be sure that you have planned for multiple scenarios before submitting your resignation letter. For example, do you think your current community may make a counteroffer in order to keep you and your talent? If so, know whether that is a possibility you may entertain and what type of offer you would need to stay.

The senior living industry is growing and changing daily, which makes it especially exciting for job seekers. If you are looking to move to a company that values its employees, consider joining our Talent Network. The Arbor Company is just as passionate about serving our staff as we are about serving seniors. Join our network to discover positions available near you.

Good luck with your search!