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5 Tips to Help You Find out If You Fit in with the Company Culture


When you work at a great senior living community, it just feels good. Your interdisciplinary team meetings seem to run more smoothly because everyone has their eyes on similar goals. It’s easier to make decisions because you know your team and administrator are just as devoted to resident rights as you are. You can hire your own team more confidently based on candidates that share a similar vision of care.

When working at a community feels right, you are experiencing a positive company culture. It’s important to find a community that has a company culture you can easily fit into, and discovering if you can fit in prior to accepting a job can help you choose a new employer more confidently. Here is what you need to know about company culture and how to find a community that has one you can stand behind.

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture, or organizational culture, is essentially the personality of a company. It may seem strange to think of a company having a personality, but it happens, and this culture can be shaped by a variety of factors such as the history of the company, the shared beliefs of the founders of the company, or even by the neighborhood or location of the company.

A company’s culture is influenced greatly by its leadership team and executives. However, all of its employees will have an impact as well. With the influx of new employees and the exit of others, it is natural to see a company’s culture flex and change a bit. However, changing a culture can be difficult and even require outside consultation to make a major impact.

Why Is Company Culture Important?

Each senior living community has its own unique culture. Typically, marketing professionals encourage seniors and their family members to find a senior living community that has a culture or personality they fit in with. However, it’s not just seniors who should be evaluating culture; employees should too.

A senior living community culture that is vastly different from your own preferences or beliefs can be difficult to work for in the short and long term. Keeping in mind that just because a senior living community doesn’t share your beliefs doesn’t make it “bad,” it is wise to choose to work in a senior living community that has a culture you believe in and can help you grow into an even better senior care professional.

Finding a Good Company Culture

When you are searching for a new job in the senior living industry, you send out your resume so that senior living communities can see what you have to offer. The job search process, however, is just as much about knowing what potential communities have to offer you. Finding a long-term position within a senior living company hinges on a positive relationship, which begins when both of you ask questions to see whether the result is a good fit.

While interviewing with a potential employer, you can determine whether you will fit in with its company culture by:

  • Asking about their interdisciplinary teamwork: A well-run senior living community is built on a foundation of communication and teamwork. Be sure that your expectations match those of the community.
  • Observing resident care and service: If you have a passion for going above and beyond for residents and their families, you will not do well in a community that has a culture of just meeting the regulatory minimum.
  • Talking about meeting expectations: Senior living communities require meetings in order to keep care and service exceptional; however, more meetings do not always mean better results.
  • Inquiring about training and promoting from within: This will tell you plenty about the company culture surrounding staff development and appreciation.
  • Noting whether the staff and residents have genuine relationships: Care that stems from genuine connection and relationships is more meaningful than typical personal care tasks.

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