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2019 Arbor Leadership Conference: Reliving the Event


The Arbor Company proudly offers a caring, vibrant environment for seniors from all walks of life. Our residents lead meaningful lives, thanks to the support of staff who work to help them shape lives of their own choosing. We think our caring staff also deserves support and recognition. That’s why we offer myriad opportunities for growth and continuing education. The 2019 Arbor Leadership Conference in May brought together community leaders from more than 40 communities in 11 states for training, a chance to network, and deep appreciation for all that our staff does. We believe in our mission and our work. We also know that it takes committed staff for us to #BeArbor. 

Training for the Mission of a Lifetime

People who work with seniors change and improve lives every day. Whether it’s resolving family conflicts, helping a senior feel less isolated, or working with a resident to find new hobbies suited to their physical abilities, there’s always a new challenge to face. At Arbor, we understand that these challenges require creative and critical thinking. That’s why we hold ongoing training for this important work. 

The Arbor Leadership Conference featured sessions for attendees in operations, resident care, sales, memory care, maintenance, dining, engagement, business office, and more. Each track boasted a unique, custom-tailored set of workshops. Some examples of the seminars attendees experienced include:

  • Employee Retention 
  • Designing Meaningful Recognition Moments 
  • Creating a Successful Training Program 
  • Planning for Partnership and Success 
  • Giving Feedback 
  • Team Dynamics 
  • Having Difficult Conversations

Although the format of each educational session varied, each session was designed to address our staff’s real-world experiences. Attendees asked questions and actively participated, proactively shaping the direction of each class.

Appreciation for Arbor’s Staff

An Arbor Company seminar wouldn’t really be in keeping with the Arbor spirit without some fun and downtime. We know that our staff need more than just training. They need a chance to connect with one another, to find purpose in their work, and to strike a manageable work-life balance. We offered excellent food and drinks, a riveting trivia game at which team members could win prizes, and even a comedian during lunch. We believe in treating our team members as the whole people they are, and that includes creating a fun, engaging environment where they can work and learn, whether they’re attending a conference or going to work.

Join Our Talent Network

A career in senior living empowers you to help a senior lead their best life. You’ll work closely with seniors and their families to shape individualized retirements that respect a person’s wishes for their life and future. At The Arbor Company, we know that our people make a difference in the lives of residents every day. That’s why we think they deserve a great working environment and multiple opportunities for growth. If this sounds good to you, join our Talent Network today!